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European ATEX Directive 94/9/CE
Electrical and non-electrical equipment and protection systems

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CE Marking Type of
Identification number of protection
notified body, when appropriate see following list

Use of equipment in potentially
explosive atmospheres

Equipment Group: Equipment Type of Group of gas Temperature class
for surface category explosive I Mines (Methane)
atmospheres II Surface industries (group II)
IIA Propane
I mines M1 - Very high level (group II) IIB Ethylene Maximum
II surface M2 - High level GD IIC Hydrogen surface
Gas Dust
1 - Very high level Acetylene temperature
2 - High level vapours
3 - Normal Representative ignition gas Class [°C]
Zone Zone
T1 450
0 20 T2 300

1 21 T3 200
2 22 T4 135
T5 100

T6 85

Reference ambient
Temperature -20°C ÷ 40°C
For Dust Class put the
maximum surface
temperature after the
“T” example T100°C

Electrical equipment for gas (G)
Equipment of mines - Group I
Category M1 General requirements Code EN Rule Category
Oil immersion
Level of protection: Very high level Pressurized apparatus o 60079-0 M2-2G
2 types of protection or 2 indipendent faults Powder filling p 60079-6 M2-2G
Flameproof enclosure q 60079-2 M2-2G
Category M2 Increased safety d 60079-5 M2-2G
Intrinsic safety e 60079-1 M2-2G
Level of protection: High level Intrinsic safety ia 60079-7 M1-1G
1 type of protection Normal operation Encapsulation ib 60079-11 M2-2G
Protection type “n” m 60079-11 M2-2G
Equipment of surface - Group II Category 1G n 60079-18
Category 1 Category M 60079-15 3G
60079-26 1G
Level of protection: Very high level 50303 M1
2 types of protection or 2 indipendent faults
Electrical equipment for dust (D)
Category 2
Protection by enclosures Ex tD EN 61241-1 1D
Level of protection: High level
Common frequent malfunction Protection by pressure Ex pD EN 61241-4 2D

Category 3 Protection by intrinsic safety Ex iD EN 61241-11 1D

Level of protection: Normal
Required level of protection

Protection by encapsulation Ex mD EN 61241-18 1D

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