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(New European Directive 94/9/CE)


Production Cycle

The A.D. VIGAN̉ produces special electrical equipments: rigid and flexible conduit, explosion proof lightimg fixtures, junction boxes, enclosures terminal, fittings, increased safety lighting fixtures, etc., employed in according with the international safety laws, in all factories where the risk of explosion is present, as chemical plants, petrol chemical plants, paint factories, etc. 

All materials have been tested and verified in their characteristics time lasting. It is therefore necessary that the traditional electrical equipments are kept aluminium containers and create protection against atmosferic agents, salt - fogs, chemical agents, oils, gases, all of then very corrosive, that may turn into inflamable gases. 

The internal productive cycle begins with the manufacture trough machine-tools of the entering casting; these castings may be in sand, in chill and in die casting. At the finishing of the containers in fusion, many different components in iron, brass, extruded aluminium are used and are later catalogued in conduit fittings. The castings wich are subjected to the manufacturing cycle (smoothing, drilling, willigh, and theading operations) once completed pass to the washing and degrasing departement and at warnishing. For the finishing touch operation epoxidic paints are used. 
Once completed the finishing touch phase they return to the mechanical department, where the assembly of the various manual and mechanical is done. The electric components are connected, followed by connection and final wiring. Once completed the order assembly, all is completed with the addition of the conduit fitting and then delivered. 

Considering the fact that many items (see lamp series) are delicate, they are packed in boxes or wood cages and protected insid with sack barrier to preserve the electric equipement from inclement weather environment treating with proof plant material, at each supplying are enclosed the respective documentation and certification released by the component members (CESI and ISSEP) as a guarantee that at the moment of manufacturing all norms shave been respected, accordingly to rules and issued by the Ministry on Labour and the social security.

Standard Production

The company has experience in dealing with the following standards:
  - ANSI   - CEI   - IEC   - UNI   - VDE

Safety Operations 

The company can make tests in presence of an official testing of the following agencies: 

  - CESI   - ISSEP       


The company can make tests in presence of an official testing of the following agencies: