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The activity of Viganò group started takes in Inverigo (near Como lake) in 1950, as an handicraft operation.
In 1954, Viganò increased its facilities in order to develop the production of “Explosion Proof” Electrical material. With the aim of gradual development and quality improvement if their products, the laboratory D&R “Piero Viganò” was founded in 1958, and equipped for all needs to test any material and to check production.
In 1969, following market demand, the engineering division which specialises in iron plants and special machines, was founded.
In 1995 AD acquired the Viganò Electrical.
At the present, all activities have been rationalized and the new modern manufacturing plant is concentrated under the factory with the name of “ A.D. VIGANÒ S.r.l.” located in Concorezzo - Milano.
A.D. VIGANO’ Srl is now ready to accept the new challenge of looking towards the Millenium.


It is controlled and coordinated by the General Manager and includes:

Tecnical Dept. Purchasing Dept. Manufacturing Dept.
  • Standard analyses
  • Production engineering
  • Offers and orders development
  • Production supervision
  • Marketing research
  • Raw material and industrial goods purchasing
  • External manufacturing control and coordination
  • Standard times and methods engineering
  • Working drawings analyses
  • Manufacture planning
  • Manufacture advancement
  • Assembly
  • Testing
Quality Assurance Dept. Commercial Dept. Administrative Dept.
  • In 1996 has founded the Quality Assurance Dept., and the Company has been dedicated itself in the implent's program of a Quality System in according to the rules UNI EN ISO 9001.
  • In 1998 our Quality System is certified from CSQ.
  • In 2000 the Engineering are included in the certification to the rules UNI EN ISO 9001.
  • Sales organisation
  • Marketing
  • Advertising and documentation
  • Competition production and prices analysis
  • Relationships with agents
  • Relationships with customers
  • Customer service
  • Statistical revelation
  • Secretary-budges-balances
  • Checking of management
  • General book-keeping services
  • Industrial book-keeping services
  • Personal services